Regenerative Optimization Medicine
& Adult Stem Cell Therapy


Regenerative optimization medicine and adult stem cell therapy at docere clinics in park city utah

Our own bodies are rich in populations of stem cells that are critical for our survival. Stem cells are directly responsible for tissue regeneration. Life and aging is a constant balance of degeneration and regeneration, breaking down and building up of all the tissue types. If our stem cells were to stop functioning, we would die of old age at a young age. Tissue healing is a stem cell-mediated process. When the human organism endures any sort of insult or injury, stem cells mobilize from hibernation, ‘home in’ on the damaged tissues, and release a rich soup of growth factors in order to trigger the healing of the damaged tissue. These growth factors exert powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and ‘trophic’ (nutritive) actions. Stem cells have been called "patient specific drug stores for injured tissues" by top stem cell scientists.

However, eventually Father Time triumphs. As we age, our stem cells fail to keep up with the hands of time and we experience the aging process. Regenerative Optimization Medicine is the attempt to harness your body’s own stem cells to improve every aspect of cellular metabolism, connective tissue health, and the functioning of the human organism. It can be used for cosmetic purposes, such as the rejuvenation of the skin of the face, neck, and hands, and to treat thinning hair. It can be used to treat organs damaged from disease. And it can be used to improve sexual function in women and in men.  

They're your stem cells...
Put them to work for you!

Docere Medical is an expansion of Docere Clinics, the practice of Harry Adelson, N.D.. Docere Clinics has been in constant operation in Utah since 2002 and it's focus is the use of regenerative medicine to treat chronic musculoskeletal pain conditions, primarily with the use of stem cells.

Due to the great demand from his patients to expand his services outside of the treatment of pain, and because of his wish to not dilute his efforts to contribute to the field of pain, he has recruited Amy Killen, M.D. to perform the procedures described on this website.

Trusted By The Experts



"For 20 years I have run an anti-aging nonprofit group, and my most recent book Head Strong made it to the New York Times list of best-selling science books. I like to think I know my craft. I choose Docere Clinics for my own stem cell procedures, as well as for my entire family. Dr. Adelson is the real deal! I'm impressed with his enthusiasm for learning, his dedication to improving his skills, and his devotion to the wellbeing of his patients."



"As a Cleveland Clinic trained orthopedic spine surgeon, when I heard about stem cell injections being performed into intervertebral discs and epidurals, I had to see it with my own eyes. When I visited Docere Clinics and watched Dr. Adelson operate, what I discovered was pleasantly surprising. Dr. Adelson is a skilled spine injector, practices flawless sterile technique, and is honest and upfront, and is completely professional. I'm happy to call Dr. Adelson a trusted colleague and a friend."



"When I decided to undergo stem cell therapy for a nagging injury, I put the word out to people I trust to direct me to the best of the best. Harry Adelson, N.D. was the name that kept coming back to me. The staff members at Docere Clinics are radiantly happy and refreshingly efficient. Dr. Adelson is professional, confident, and caring. Overall, I give Docere Clinics an A+ and enthusiastically recommend them."


A medical evaluation is required before scheduling this procedure since not all patients are candidates for stem cell treatments. To schedule an appointment please contact us at Docere Medical.